We're so glad you reached out to us! For more than 20+ years John Sweeney & the Brave New Outpost team have been delivering high-impact, fun, interactive keynotes, training, development workshops and Master of Ceremonies services to help our clients activate their employees' best mindset.

We are fun and funny, but when it comes to return on your investment we're dead serious about driving impact & results. Just ask our roster of super happy and loyal corporate clients about the impact our work has had on their teams and employees. Some recent clients include Medtronic, Be the Match, Target Corp, SPS Commerce, Agile Defense, Affinity Plus, Compeer Financial, Ingersoll Rand, Major League Soccer, National Park Service, General Mills, AARP, Ceridian, and Hilton Worldwide.

Our clients are typically seeking ways to impact: Sales and Marketing, Innovation teams/initiatives, Executive Retreat/Strategic Planning, Leadership Development Programs, and All-Employee events or initiatives. We have also worked with many leaders and teams in functions ranging from HR to R&D to Finance to Legal to Customer Service.

We are looking forward to getting to know your specific goals and recommending the best way that our approach and content can support you. Please be sure to click and explore all around this website, and book a discovery call when you are ready. We would love to talk with you.


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Sweeney Speaker Video

Keynote Speaker, Rabble Rouser, and Chief Energizing Officer

John Sweeney is a bit of a "unicorn" as far as speakers and trainers go. He is highly strategic & insightful, with 20+ years of consulting experience across hundreds of industries and thousands of clients. He's relatable and likable. And, he leverages his background as a professional comedian to keep the audience engaged and laughing for hours on end. We don't of any other speakers who can land strategic messaging, teach new mindset & behavior, keep the audience on their feet and bring the house down with a standing ovation. Watch his demo reel here.

Margi Simmons & Minnesota Lynx

Margi Simmons & the Minnesota Lynx

Enjoy this short and fun video highlighting the work of one of our top talents with our very own Minnesota Lynx. Margi Simmons is a highly-sought-after speaker and trainer who inspires thousands of professionals each year as part of the Brave New Workshop core delivery team.

Science Whitepaper

You can rewire your brain.

There's a method to our madness. Our approach to applied improvisation is more impactful than traditional training, and comes with a brain-drain-free guarantee. Our secret sauce is that active practice + lots of laughter work together to help learners absorb and internalize key behaviors. Read more about the SCIENCE behind our approach, and why our content hits and sticks, here.

Training Magazine 2020 Video

Standing Room Only

John Sweeney and Margi Simmons brought down the house, several times over, at the Training 2020 Conference & Expo in Orlando, Florida. Our BNW sessions were standing-room-only and garnered the highest scores in years. Please check out this short video to get a feel for our overall energy and style.

Client Quotes

Don't just take our word for it...

Read some kind words from OUR CLIENTS about what it's like to work with us. Almost all of our engagements come from word of mouth referral and repeat business. We are incredibly grateful to have been able to partner with some of the most outstanding organizations in the world.

Approach & Content

Laugh. Learn. Practice. Reflect. Repeat.

Our high-octane interactive approach make a big difference in culture and performance. Whether Live-Online or Live-in-Person, the art is in choosing the right interactive exercises so that people can PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE new ideas & behaviors, all while bridging the learning to their real-life work experiences. The science is that we get people laughing, moving, and connecting...no joke, that's a big deal for uptake and retention. Click here for more detail on our general approach as well as info about the content themes and formats we most frequently deliver.

What is Mindset Video

Mindset will eat skillset and toolset for lunch. Choose wisely.

Watch this short video about the power of mindset, and how we can practice OWNING it and SHIFTING it. Because at the end of the day, if people aren't in the right mindset, all the new skills & tools in the world aren't going to amount to a hill o' beans.


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